Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to live at Oakley Place?

Oakley Place charges a daily fee based on a residents needs. We do not have additional move in fees or buy in fees.  A deposit may be required to hold a room.  The daily rate includes the room and board, nursing care, and daily use products including incontinence products.  The residents rate is determined at the initial assessment. Oakley Place has worked with a variety of long term care insurance companies, and can help facilitate the approval and reimbursement process.

If a resident’s health declines will they need to move?

Oakley Place is designed to meet a residents needs even if their health or abilities decline.  When a resident moves into one of our homes we plan to add additional services to their care plans as needed so that they can comfortable age in place in the home they are familiar with.

How do you handle doctor visits?

We have several physicians that see residents in our homes.  The resident may choose one of these physicians or continue with their current provider.  If a resident sees an outside physician the staff at Oakley Place can help arrange transportation thru a transportation provider.

What do residents need to bring?

Residents are encouraged to bring what makes their space comfortable and home like.  Oakley Place provides the bed with bedding and cable.  Most residents bring a bedside table, chair or loveseat, a dresser, and a television.  The rooms can be decorated with famillar belongings like photos.

How do you order medications?

Oakley Place has a house pharmacy that provides free delivery, medication records, and pharmacy review. The routine medications are set to deliver monthly and the staff at Oakley Place orders any new or short term medications.  The pharmacy bills the resident directly after billing the individuals insurance.  Residents who have medication benefits through an employer or VA may keep their current pharmacy.  For residents who choose a pharmacy other than the house pharmacy, there is a monthly fee from the house pharmacy to cover the cost of medication records and the mandatory pharmacy reviews.

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